About Us

Lemaar Design is a part of LSS "Lemaar Software Services" offering print, press, internet marketing and website design services to it's customers.  Our printing service is based in Harrow, London serving the whole of UK.  We are using the most advanced and up to date printing, laminating and pressing machines which produce the most common and also most sophisticated products to our customers.  These products are delivered to our customers within 24 hours to maximum a week time.

We want our customers to be happy and come back to us for more services, therefore we do our best to serve you with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We want our prices to be unbeatable however if you come across a company offering cheaper prices than us please let us know so we can reduce the cost that can even save you more.  Any product that you looking for but can't find please let us know, we might suggest you on how to get that product.