Terms & Conditions

By using our website "Lemaar's online shop" you agree with the following terms and conditions of our company.  Our Terms are easy and straightforward, we strongly advise you to read these terms before placing any order with us. 

1 - Accepting of Our Privacy Policy:

Please go to our Privacy Policy for the purpose of protection of your data and agree with our privacy policy. 

2 - Pricing Terms

Purchasing any product from us you agree with our prices for the product or service that you purchasing, unless otherwise agreed, yet you are advised to keep a copy of agreement.  Our prices may rise or fall at anytime to meet our marketing requirements.

3 - Taxation or VAT

The Lemaar Online Shop reserves the right to charge you VAT if applicable and you will be send a VAT receipt automatically if not otherwise you are advised to ask us to resend you the VAT receipt for your purchase.  Some of our items may not include VAT thus you won't be asked to pay VAT for.

4 - Delivery 

 We may charge you for dispatching your product.  You will be able to see delivery charges before payments.  

Our turnaround is measured in working days only, we do our best to send your item in the amount of working days mentioned under the item description or item page.  If we haven't managed to send your item in the number of days mentioned please let us know for which we will compensate you by providing you with credit points.  However, if we dispatched your item on time and yet didn't reached your delivery address, the third party, the carrier company is liable for the delay or loss of your item and thus customer will not be awarded credit points and customer is strongly advised to get in touch with carrier who delivers the item.  

5 - Complains

We do our best to keep all our customers happy so they can bring us more work.  Customer should inform shop.lemaar.com if item lost, damaged or wrong item sent.  The complain or claim should be filled no latter than 28 days, customer has enough time to inform us in absence of their item.  Unfortunately we may not accept or compensate you after the 28 days.  The complain should be in writing to the following email address "support@lemaar.com".

6 - Liability

Lemaar or Lemaar Online Shop does not guarantee nor take any responsibilities of any loss arising from delay in transit not caused by us, loss of goodwill, lose of data or loss of profit.   

7 - Credit Terms

Any invoice not settled within the agreed credit terms or payment not accepted, the lemaar.com or Lemaar Online Shop has the right to apply further charges such as late payment charges, debt recovery or collection charges or even bank charges.